An Artist Collective

Hyena is a diverse network of creative talent


We recognize that we're stronger in a pack than individually, especially as creative individuals in today's crowded digital world.

Hyena acts as a space, both physically and digitally, for members to engage with each other by using chatrooms for constant communication, establishing regular in person meet-ups, and launching creative projects. 


What makes Hyena unique is its wide range of talent. We're not tied down by any medium, style, or profession. Our talent pool contains and isn't limited to:

  • web developers
  • audio engineers
  • project managers
  • event planners
  • copywriters
  • conceptual artists
  • outreach coordinators
  • actors
  • cartoonists
  • photographers
  • illustrators
  • puppeteers
  • musicians
  • graphic designers

This range allows Hyena to build new projects completely in house. Whether it's an app, a film, a photoshoot, a party, or a record, we've got the skills to make that project come to life.  

Contact Us

Although Hyena is an invite only network, we are always looking to establish new relationships. Whether you're a business that would like to tap into our resources for professional help, advertise with us, or an artist looking to learn more about the network, we'd love to talk.  

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