A Diverse Network of Creative Talent

a diverse network of creative talent



Hyena's mission is to build a platform for showcasing, enabling, and bridging together talented people. Our methods include:

  • Provide emerging artists with a brand to get behind in order to help promote their work.
  • Bridge artists, businesses, and creative people together for the ultimate collaboration and lead generation.
  • Develop in-house projects, products that showcase the talents within the Hyena network.


We recognize that we're stronger in a pack than individually, especially as creative individuals in today's crowded digital world.

Hyena acts as a space, both physically and digitally, for members to engage with each other by using chatrooms for constant communication, establishing regular in person meet-ups, and launching creative projects. 


Current member count:


Want to join?

Although Hyena is invite-only, there are always exceptions. Let us know why you should join Hyena, and we'll reach out to you within 48 hours.